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Kettlebells: Strength Training for Power & Grace

Smith Vatel

Published January 28th 2006
ISBN : 9781402727580
128 pages
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 About the Book 

Kettlebells--those amazingly effective weights that look like bowling balls with handles--have become all the rage in high-end health clubs and boxing gyms everywhere. And this is the first mainstream how-to guide to guide on the subject.How can you get a complete training program that works the heart, builds muscle mass, increases endurance, and improves flexibility--without having to spend hours in the gym? The answer: kettlebells. Thats the equipment elite Soviet athletes depended on to build their super-strength and win gold medals, and its still the best way to get the body youve dreamed of. With the help of 150 color photos to illustrate every move, two certified trainers from New Yorks elite Equinox Club explain all the ins-and-outs (including safety) of this tough but accessible full-body workout. In addition to clearly explained exercises and routines, Victoria D. Gray and Smith Vatel provide tips on where to buy weights (and how to create your own), show how to set up a home workout space, and, most importantly, explain how to avoid injuries and accidents.