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Whose Scaly Tail?: African Animals Youd Like to Meet

Henrik Drescher

Published November 1st 1987
ISBN : 9780397322442
33 pages
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 About the Book 

I have been reading Henrik Drescher’s works ever since I was small and most of his works always have a surreal quality to them that I have to come to love so much! Well, in this book “Whose Scaly Tail?” Henrik Drescher describes what types of animals a little boy encounters in Africa. “Whose Scaly Tail?” does have cute illustrations, but the story itself might be a bit too simplistic for many children.This book is basically about a young boy meeting various animals in the African grasslands.If you think that you would never see any calm drawings from Henrik Drescher, then you should check out this book! Henrik Drescher’s illustrations are extremely cute and detailed, especially of the images of the animals themselves as they truly look realistic. My favorite images in this book are of the gorilla and the aardvark as they look amazing and I also loved the image of the little boy as he wears a red and white striped shirt and blue shorts and has blondish black hair. I also enjoyed the little information at the end of the book that gives a brief description of each animal that the boy encounters in the book and describes about the animals’ habits and appearances.The only problem I had with this book is that the story seems too simplistic to be an effective story. I know that this book is simply just introducing the various animals that can be found in Africa, but I felt that there should have been more information about not only about descriptions of how the animals look like and what their habitats are, but also about what part of Africa they live in and how they protect themselves against danger, even though the only animal where they described how they protect themselves from danger is the porcupine. Also, I thought that the format was a bit too simple, but I guess it is because I am an adult and this sort of book would not attract my attention much, but it would definitely attract the attention of a three year old child because the format is easy enough for small children to read through.Overall, “Whose Scaly Tail?” might be a good book for children who are three years old since the format is extremely easy for them to read since there are only two or three words per page, but for older children who want more information about the various animals in Africa or who enjoys Henrik Drescher’s surreal qualities in his illustrations, might want to read another children’s book that contains more information about each animal.