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Who Moved My Job?

Mark Hillary

Kindle Edition
46 pages
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 About the Book 

Who Moved My Job? is a story designed to stimulate discussion and questions about work, careers, and globalisation. It was originally published in 2008 and is now presented in a new format with a new introduction describing the changes since the original paperback version of the book.Who Moved My Job is not designed to answer any of the questions raised by the global economic slowdown and change in how we perceive a career, it aims to provoke questions rather than delivering answers. The book is deliberately short so a wide audience can read it without tiring of social or economic analysis.This book has been well received since it was first published in 2008, but I do hope that now it is available in Kindle format for the first time it will reach a new audience still asking the same questions of jobs, work, and careers.When sheepdogs Winston, Charlie, and Blair find their idyllic life on an English farm disrupted by the arrival of lower-cost foreign herding dogs they embark on an adventure that changes their lives forever. Who Moved My Job? follows these three Border Collies on an adventure through London where they are locked in a home for stray dogs, live rough in a cemetery, and meet a wise old Staffordshire Bull Terrier before eventually finding how to apply the skills they learned on the farm to life in the city. It is a tale for anyone with an interest in globalisation. For anyone with an interest in how jobs and companies are changing. It is a tale for anyone with a job – a job that has yet to move...I love this book!Edge Zarrella, Global IT Advisory Partner-in-charge, KPMGThe small book revolution... this publishing format works for me!Steve Hamm, BusinessWeekFunny, wickedly penetrating, buy it!Martyn HartChairman, European Outsourcing Association